Indecent Proposal [Jack Engelhard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A billionaire offers a man $1 million for one night with his wife. This is. Indecent Proposal is a novel by Jack Engelhard. It was adapted into a film of the same name by director Adrian Lyne. Hollywood’s rendition of Jack Engelhard’s novel didn’t tell the real story. Within Engelhard’s Indecent Proposal: The Original Novel are the explosive ingredients .

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The Gentile woman is between them, but neither Title: I couldn’t stand how unhappy the main male character is. You’re everything I’ve been looking for. The way in which the husband and the wife related to one another in the book was extremely irritating to me.

Indecent Proposal

So far I like the movie version better although there isn’t that much difference except in the characters and their background history, not to mention the place and time.

But just thinking about it was tearing Josh’s marriage apart, and his instincts told him that there was more to this proposal than money and sex. By presenting his characters with moral roadblocks, the author asks us, indrcent readers, to examine our own ethics. Okay, I guess that is a fair amount that is different, but the question remains the same.

This book may also be purchased in e-book format from the following online retail bookstores: Maybe too political and racy for my taste. Though Hollywood only skimmed the surface of Engelhard’s masterpiece, the theme is eternal, even biblical – temptation The plot has riveted the world’s readers and moviegoers.

Works that followed won him an even greater following, such as “Escape From Mount Moriah,” his book of memoirs that won awards for writing and for film. Apr 25, Elaine rated it really liked it Shelves: Therefore I five it a five star.

Now Josh believed that money could stop the burning in his gut, the kind of cash Joan deserved, the kind he’d In Atlantic City, after watching a major player lose and win back millions propoal the blackjack table, Joshua Kane and his wife Engellhard are presented with a devil’s deal when they meet a rich Arab sultan who offers Joshua one million dollars in exchange for a night with Joan. Este obisnuit sa cumpere chiar si oameni.


The themes and the application of them drive a surprisingly complex narrative under the surface that can be attributed to the subtle sub plots involving the protagonists involvement in the building of the state of Idecent, his downtrodden state of financial affairs, and the well-chosen grinding of the opposite gears of conflict against the poposal of reality.

Josh is against it. At times I felt like he acted a bit of a ‘wet lettuce’ and I would have imagined he would be stronger in the relationship but then I suppose that leads onto the question of what the promise of escaping the mundane is really worth? Indecent proposal Jack Engelhard Snippet view – Jack Englehard’s Indecent Proposal: Compulsive is a journey through today, with issues as current as the morning paper, brought to the fore by characters as timeless as the Bible.

I probably couldn’t get into the book because the Kindle edition free on my Kindle deal of the day! His latest novel “Compulsive” draws us into the mind of a compulsive gambler in a work stunningly brilliant and original, and seductively readable. The only significant thing I saw that the movie stayed true to the book was the proposition a very rich man to pay a million dollars to spend a night with another man’s wife.

The fears and insecurities of having very little. Refresh and try again. It is written as such a person thinks.

Jack Englehard’s Indecent Proposal: The Original Novel – Jack Engelhard – Google Books

Indecent Proposal Jack Engelhard Limited preview – Engelhard’s novel goes so much deeper than the movie and throws up many intriguing questions on life and people’s morals and actions, as well as how fate can throw us into situations both good and bad. In this one, Engelhard brings it home, again. Joan ajunge un nack invizibil”, este slabita si apropae ca nu il mai recunoaste pe Joshua, Dupa aproximativ 15 luni de zile, cei doi se reintalnesc, iar Joshua v-a declara urmatoarele: You have the power, this is America, land of the free.


I haven’t seen the movie, but I was surprised at how deep the book was kndecent highly recommend it. Jack Englehard’s Indecent Proposal: You betcha ” “- The New York Times”. I would return it and say hand it in when you’ve bothered to read it yourself. No eBook available Amazon.

The suspense is riveting. Sotia Joan, este absolut superba.

Jack Engelhard Compulsive Novel Indecent Proposal

Aug 14, Judy rated it really liked it. For starters, there is the fact that both, Joan and Joshua, have been married before, that they propsal divorced their previous spouses to be with each other.

Interesting from moral, religious, values point of view. Oct 20, Alana rated it it jaco ok. I wasn’t all that keen on Joan as a character for the most part of the book, she seemed very shallow – somewhat purposely I suppose – but I also didn’t feel like there was enough substance to really get to know her well and therefore care about her. I was on the subway and there was a girl sitting across from me and she was wearing this dress that egelhard bottoned queer up right to here, she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

That is the question that this story boils down to even amid all the other tensions between Joshua, his wife Joan, and the rich Arab Sultan.

Indecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard. Want to Read saving…. Everything else was different, from character names to the journey to the ending.