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Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that data sheets are current before placing orders. Manufacturing tolerances and internal propagation delays introduce an error to the tON K-factor.

The ESR of the input-capacitor is important for determining capacitor power dissipation. Connect the top-side star ground used for MOSFET, input, and output capacitors to the small island with a single short, wide connection preferably just a via.

When shutdown mode activates, the 3. It also serves as the SMPS1 datasjeet input in fixed-voltage mode.

ISL Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

A power-on sequence ddatasheet controls the power-up timing of the main PWMs and monitors the outputs for undervoltage faults. This switchover is affected by a comparator that truncates the low-side switch ON-time at the inductor current’s zero crossing. F, depending on the input and output voltages, external components, and PC board layout.

No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Intersil or its subsidiaries. This practice is essential for stable, jitter-free operation.

For a given value of h, the minimum operating voltage can be calculated as: These Intersil Pb-free plastic packaged products employ special. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective datasheeg. These factors include the internal gate resistance, gate charge, threshold voltage, source inductance, and PC board layout characteristics. VDROP2 is the sum of the parasitic voltage drops in the charging usl6236, including high-side switch, inductor, and PC board resistances?


Connect a resistive voltage-divider from 14V charge pump output to GND to detect the output.

ISL Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

However, in some cases it may be desirable to deliberately introduce some trace length between the OUT connector node and the output filter capacitor. The amount of overshoot due to stored inductor energy can be calculated as: For lower power dissipation, the ISL uses the ON-resistance of the synchronous rectifier as the current-sense element. Tiebar shown if present is datasehet non-functional feature. This practice is essential for high efficiency.

ISL6236 Datasheet PDF

Once activated, the controller continuously monitors the output for undervoltage and overvoltage fault conditions. The peak load current ILOAD MAX determines the instantaneous component stress and filtering requirements and thus drives output capacitor selection, inductor saturation rating and the design of the current-limit circuit.

Connect to the SMPS1 output. Also, total output ripple above 3. For example, it is better to allow some extra distance between the input capacitors and the high-side MOSFET than to allow distance between the inductor and the synchronous rectifier or between the inductor and the output filter datasgeet.

All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Each fast, low-jitter, adjustable one-shot includes circuitry that varies the 20 For loads above the critical conduction point, the actual switching frequency is: Limits established by characterization and datzsheet not production tested.

Use a Schottky diode with a DC current rating dqtasheet to one-third of the load current. Lower input voltages result in better efficiency.


VDROP1 is the sum of the parasitic voltage drops in the inductor discharge path, including datashdet rectifier, inductor, and PC board resistances? Near the device, create a small analog ground plane. Ratasheet the gate is not pulled up by the high-side switch turning on due to parasitic drain-to-gate capacitance, causing cross-conduction problems. Generally, low inductor values produce a broader efficiency vs load curve, while higher values result in higher FN This algorithm allows operation without shoot-through with a wide range of MOSFETs, minimizing delays and maintaining efficiency.

A V mV 93 3 FN One output may still run while the other is in discharge mode. Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: EN1 or EN2 falling below 1. The output of SMPS1 can also be adjusted from 0. In an adjustable mode, the LDO output can be set from 0. A good general rule is to allow 0. Internal LDO is active.

The pin 1 identifier may be either a mold or mark feature. Ferrite cores are often the satasheet choice. The benefit of a constant switching frequency is that the frequency can be selected to avoid noise-sensitive frequency regions: A practical input voltage with reasonable output capacitance would be 7. POK1 is low in shutdown. The ON-time one-shot triggers when the following conditions are met: The crossover point occurs at an even lower value if a swinging soft-saturation inductor is used.

Place the drains of the high-side switches close to each other to share common input bypass capacitors. Drive EN2 below 0. LDO can provide a total of mA external loads. An optional external charge.