Cover Page · Author’s Preface · Glossary of Boehme’s Terminology · Chapter 1: What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity. Chapter 2: Of the Word, or Heart of . Mysterium Magnum Frontpiece. Mysterium Magnum. PART ONE. An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. written Anno by. Jacob Boehme. Mysterium magnum. An exposition of the first book of BOEHME, Jacob First Edition in English of Boehme’s masterpiece, a mystical interpretation of Genesis.

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By the same were all Things made, and without it was not any thing made that was made: Of the building of the Woman; shewing how Man was ordained to the outward Naturall Life. Philosophical Globe, or Wonder-Eye of Eternity. The Earliest Editions of Jacob Boehme. Forme; Boehme-mysterum, Beeing, Mansion.

Of Enoch’s Wonderful Line. Each Spirit desires Essence after its Likeness. Then had his stately Light been more manifest in him, and the Looking-glass of his own Knowledge had been the greater, and his own fiery Self-will the stronger; I pray, was not his high Light and his own Self-knowledge the Cause of his Fall?

Mysterium Magnum

The Will of God does therefore introduce itself into a Fire, matnum he might manifest the Light and the Powers, and introduce them into Essence. The Testament of Reuben. The will conceives the wisdom in the mind, and the conceived in the understanding is the eternal mavnum of all colours, powers, and virtues; which the eternal will expresses 4 by the spirit from the understanding of the mind.

To them that were without, all things were done in parables Mark iv.

But there are some that in words are so full of reproachings and bitter terms against their brethren, whose words or writings do not please their palate; that they revile one another and return bitterness for bitterness, evil for evil; whereas Michael the Archangel when he strove with the devil about the body of Moses durst not use a boeyme-mysterium accusation, but said, the Lord rebuke thee; yet these speak evil of the things they know not: Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


This is the Water of which Christ said he would give us to boehme-,ysterium The divine Kingdom of Joy in the Heaven of God viz. Of the Paradisical State showing how it should have been if Adam had not fallen. Of the Paradisicall State, shewing how it should have been if Adam had not fallen. For the Desire has nothing that it is able to make or conceive; it conceives itself, and impresses itself; it coagulates itself; it draws itself into itself, and comprehends itself, and brings itself from Abyss into Byss, and overshadows itself with its Magnetical Attraction; so that the Nothing is filled, and yet remains as a Nothing.

Of the lamentable and miserable fall and Corruption of Boehme-mystdrium. When the Perception of the Powers in the Distinction has mutual Intercourse, and Entrance into each other, then boehme-myysterium feel, taste, smell, hear, and see one another; and herein arises the Source of Life, which could not be in mgnum Liberty in the Stillness of the Power of God: Of the Covenant between God and Noah.

Contents – Mysterium Magnum – Jacob Boehme

And yet no Perception could arise in the free spiritual Lubet, if it brought not itself into a Desire, like a Hunger. In the Fire-spirit we are to understand the angelical Creation; where the Will of the Abyss introduces itself into Byss, and manifests the Eternal Speaking Word or Life with the fiery Birth, viz. But it is severed into divers Principles and Properties; for the Scripture says, that the Holy is unto God a good Savour to Life; understand to the holy divine Life, viz.

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How all things have their ground from the Grand Mystery, viz. The Original of the Fall was within the Creature, and not without the Creature; and so it was in Adam also: The Seventh form of Nature. Now says Reason, How came it, that he would not? Review in Esoterica 1 i: But if we would speak of the heavenly or divine Essentiality, wherein the divine Powers introduce themselves again into formations more externally, then we must say, that the Powers of the formed and manifested Word do again, in their Love-desire, introduce themselves into an external Essence, according to the Property of all the Powers; wherein they, as in a Mansion, may act their Love-play, and so have somewhat wherewith and wherein mutually to play and melodize boehme-mysteriium with another, in their wrestling Sport of Love; and this is thus to be understood.


When I consider what God is, then I say, He is the One; in reference to the creature, as an eternal Nothing; he has neither foundation, beginning, nor abode; he possesses nothing, save only himself; he is the will of the abyss; he is in himself only one; he needs neither space, nor place; he begets himself in himself; from eternity to eternity; he is neither like nor resembles any thing; and has no peculiar place where he dwells; 3 the eternal wisdom or understanding is his dwelling; he is the will of the wisdom; the wisdom is his manifestation.

How the Will of the Abyss brings itself into nature and form 8.

Now boeh,e-mysterium any other books would have informed them of those things, they would have sought in those also; but we read not that they did so. The Thinker Lossky, Nicholas.