All the content from the JACT Reading Greek Grammar and Vocabulary books in the order it is introduced. Why ‘hardcore’? Well There is strict typing requiring. Vocabulary from the Reading Greek Text and the follow-up JACT volumes, “A World of Heroes” and “The Intellectual Revolution.” Verbs are listed with principal . The JACT Reading Greek Course has just released its second edition, and, if you are going to be doing a self-study program, and do not mind.

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Why a separate field?

The signifigance of this is that the book has been substantially rehauled to follow the model of Lingua Latina. Also, I have another question. I had mono during one of the semesters, and though I made it through ok, I didn’t have it down firmly.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

It seems calculated to make looking up words more of a pain that it would otherwise be. God knows at least for me that there are enough temptations to read Greek or English instead of to study the grammar, so at least for now I need to continue on with what I have.

I came into second year Attic with shaky Greek. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Submit a new text post. Why does every story of about lines have vocab entries next to it??

‎JACT Vocab on the App Store

Imagine you indexed things with “the” at the start all together. You don’t have to buy the books to learn from this, but I do recommend the books also.

I think they should have laid it out with ‘running vocabulary’, where vocab items appear roughly in the order, and depending on page layout aligned with, they appear in the text. Feel free to message the moderators with questions or suggestions, and we hope that you enjoy your stay! And it’s got guidance on what you should prioritize learning. If the developer wanted to add a couple of improvements, I would suggest these two: Thanks for doing this! Coulior du Vice wrote: But both courses move quickly enough to get you reading nice chunks of connected prose.


The Independent Study Guide is, for an autodidact, a valuable asset. Just sit there with text and vocab, read – check the vocab that you don’t know, make sure you understand, and keep going.

However, reaeing a book reding investigating. As I mentioned in a previous thread: And what is worse, for the first six or so chapters and sporadically as late as chapter 10entries in the story vocab are listed along with their definite article, alphabetised according to their definite article, and inflected according to how they were inflected in the text. I was supposed to be reading Xenophon – a good place to start, by the way, with straightforward Attic syntax, and a good learning edition – but I’d come into second year Attic with some problems, namely: Updated for iOS 11 and 12, Swift 4.

Sometimes one might want to drill just on adverbs. As someone who’s just failed and has subsequently retaken and is awaiting results of their readijg year of undergrad Ancient Greek with this being the primary textbook; I feel your pain.

Nor can I yield, relent, or There is grammar and exercises at the end of each chapter in Italian, but they haven’t been anything special so far.

The Perseus Project — Jsct is an exceptional site that has collections of Greek texts, English translations, and easily-searchable Greek lexicons. An Intensive Course” on the side of “Reading Greek,” or is it fine by itself?

The real treasure is in the continuous, graded reading. You can skim some of the earlier chapters, and start digging in more deeply once you get to some of the tougher stuff: A classics scholar’s review if you want more info. Then there’s the vocab Description Learning Ancient Greek?


Even if you master the “core” vocabulary, you’re faced with still looking greeek entry after entry after entry to slog through the stories they give. My Greek improved exponentially from studying it: Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. If you’re reviewing something you learned a while ago, brushing up on fundamentals, might I recommend using Mastronarde’s intro to Attic Greek? So we English speakers are left in an awkward situation where the foreign edition is superior so I’d argue to the original, but without hope of seeing a translation of it.

This subreddit is dedicated to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature.

However, some brilliant Italians who idolize Hans Orberg’s method and rightly they do refashioned a new edition in his image. We invite discussion about topics as diverse as Homeric poetry, papyrology, biblical interpretation, and grammatical analysis, but some of the related subreddits see below may be more appropriate for certain questions. The text could have been organised more efficiently.

I heard that one of the makers of the Cambridge Latin Course was involved in the making of “Reading Greek”.

JACT Reading Greek – Memrise

Or, look up any word in alphabetical order. I’ve edited this post at least twice so far. You can’t learn a language grewk learning vocabulary and that requires either wearing out the pages of a dictionary or memorization.