The jajmani system has evolved from the word Jajman which means upper caste people. William H Wiser was the first one to introduce the term. THE JAJMANI SYSTEM. AN INTRODUCTION: The Jajmani system is the system of exchange of goods and services between the members of different castes. classic study (The Hindu Jajmani System, ) and proceeding to a range of stu – other writers, of the traditional jajmani system as a system in which the.

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In addition, the jajman may give him clothes and gifts on ceremonial occasions and may also help him with loan of money in emergencies. A jajman is usually under obligation to pay the customary fees even when the Brahmin does not perform the ceremony.

In Jajmani system, at the centre is the family of agriculturists, the zamindars. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. This is a system which is based on the sense of high and low. If one of the associated families dies out, another of its lineage may take its place in the relationship. An early study, inof Jajmani in Punjab was made by darling. Various land reforms had their impact on the interaction among castes, which gradually had systen the jajmani system and other social systems of village life.

They are sometimes exploited and abused by the JaJmans.

Jajmani System in Indian Caste System: Definition, Function and Other Details

Reddy studied this system in North India. The kamin castes are expected to render their services to jajman castes, for which the kamins are paid in cash or kind at fixed intervals.

He is not a kamin and the purchaser is not his jajman.

Harold Gould has described the jajmani system as inter-familial, inter-caste relationship pertaining to the patterning of superordinate-subordinate relations eystem patrons and suppliers of services.


The dominant caste prefers to summon politick help rather than depend on their kamins for support. Security of occupation is guaranteed in case of jajmani system. Like the caste system, this system has become a source of suppression, exploitation and discrimination.

The village consisted of forty-three families with a total population of people. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Jajmani system

Almost all the sacred, secular Hindu literature authorizes the relationship between the jajman and kamin. Secondly, when kamins feel that injustice has been done to them, they take the help of their caste panchayats which compel the jajmans to accept the demands of their kamins. So this system creates an atmosphere of peaceful living by creating the spirit of fellow-feeling and co-operation. Upload Your Knowledge on Sociology: Class and Caste System of Society. Lastly, the members of high caste want to avoid the polluting as well as the specialised work.

Because of all these factors, the jajmani system has been largely supplanted in many villages while in some it has completely disappeared.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Kori weaver got 15 kilograms of grain per harvest plus Rs. Caste and Politics in Indian Society.

jajmani system : Definition,Functions,characteristics

Jajman has to be paternalistic towards his kamins and fulfill their demands. They have, therefore, to depend on the families which provide them the required services and goods.

Please jwjmani again later. During a lean year, the farmer jajman does not give much food-grain to his kamins but when he gets a good produce, he does not mind giving some extra food-grains to those kamins who have rendered good services to him.

The jajmani links are between families rather than castes. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Help us improve this article! Keep Exploring Britannica Fascism. Not much of the village economy is now carried on through jajmani arrangements. Because this system is based on heredity, the kamin cannot take other Job or occupation and the advantage of latest scientific developments to improve his economic condition. The jajman-kamin relationship involves many norms and values.


Kamin has also to behave like a son to his father. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Biedleman too is of the opinion that It IS doubtful if the jajmani system will survive in the coming years. Please like our Facepage page and Write Articles for this website Please click here. The patron family itself can be the client of another whom it patronizes for certain services and by whom it is in jammani patronized for other services.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The hereditary character allows for certain forms of bond labour, since it is the family obligation to serve its hereditary patrons. In every monetary crisis the jajman helps the kamins. Cultivators also prefer to buy articles for their daily needs, from the market, by paying cash. The Rajput family also gets its tools and repairs from the descendants of jxjmani same Lohar family whose men made tools for their forefathers.

Jajmani System in India: Meaning, Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

A spirit of fellow feeling and brotherhood develops under this system. Internet Iajmani are the best. The caste councils have the power to punish the jajmans and kamins, if they commit any mistake.

Henty Orenstein has held that the families of village officials or village servants for example the watchman maintain jajmani relations with the whole village rather than with particular families. Similarly, the kamin renders services to jajman according to the payment he receives.