Movie playback from content imported to a Kaleidescape server or from discs in a Disc Vault. High-definition onscreen user interface. Proprietary M-Class. Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player. Shane Buettner | Sep 20, Performance Features Ergonomics Value. Price: $16, (as tested) At A Glance: . Kaleidescape and I go way back. This is the fifth time I’ve had one of its systems in for review, and I must say, the company’s products just keep.

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The Strato player provides the onscreen user interface, rendered in 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second, and displays all the movies stored on both systems as one library.

The system is modular so you can always add on as your needs grow. The company that has become synonymous with the high-end movie maleidescape spent its The faster speed is a little slow for even the medium sized collection I had on this system and could get frustrating with much larger collections.

The exclusive Kaleidescape Movie Guide provides cover art, synopses, and details like actors, directors, genres, ratings, and instant access to favorite scenes. Multiple servers will cluster to store thousands of movies and albums as a single, seamless collection. Kaleidescape sent me a 1U server fully loaded with four 2-terabyte hard drives stuffed with a variety of Blu-ray, DVD, and music content, plus an M Player.

Kaleidescape is accepting orders for M and M Players, and kaliedescape will begin May 18th. Kleidescape is likely one of the coolest features jaleidescape the mega user who could program each of their multiple home theaters to have their own dedicated intro.

Control Your World Review: Those lucky enough to have a projector with an anamorphic lens can stay in 2.

Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating. It will even tell you what format you have it in, say if it was DVD and you just found it cheap on Blu-ray, you’ll be able to decide if it’s worth it. Kaleidesacpe Countdown Will Be Televised.

The only differences are that the Kaleidescape logo has been slightlychanged, and a single USB jack currently not used has been added to the back. Loading discs was easy; with the M, you simply slide them in the drive and the carrousel does the rest.


Kaleidescape kalediescape just announced another line of high end home entertainment products — this time it’s the M and M Blu-ray players. Log in or register to post comments. The library management and organization is a metadata-enriched, best-in-class experience. Now I can watch any Blu-ray as if it were in a player in my room. You chose whatever you want and select it no matter where you are in the home, which is insanely cool. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Specs. Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review.

Disagree with our product rating? If you add more Players, the system can support more independent streams, but some people better be listening to music or watching DVD content. A single Kaleidescape Player connected to kapeidescape display shows off oaleidescape media-rich user interface. If you want a m5500 server for native Blu-ray content throughout your home, Kaleidescape is the only company that has managed to work through the legal mess to release such a system.

And you can plan on chewing up tons of storage capacity with Blu-ray titles: Kaleidescape customers love movies and probably music and might want more storage.


Mm500 gives full access to the latest 4K Ultra HD technology and content from Kaleidescape while retaining seamless access to all content on your Premiere system. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables. You can play them immediately or add them to the playback queue. The list is alphabetical and scrolls at two speeds.

Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player | Sound & Vision

But at its core, a functional Kaleidescape system requires at least one server and one media Player capable of importing content, plus Internet connectivity and a hard-wired home network to connect the devices.

In this system, the hub is the 1U server that has four disc bays and can store up to Blu-rays or DVD videodiscs as well as CDs. There is no comparison on this one, Kaleidescape has the fastest movie start up times of any Blu-ray player available – period. Many of the bigger hits and classics also have a playback option called “scenes. Kaleidescape even monitors hard drive performance and will notify you or your dealer of impending failures.


Both players are compatible with existing Kaleidescape products. Honestly, they load faster than you’ll be ready with the next one.

Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers

The vault also catalogs your DVDs so that you can organize, search, and play your DVD movies via the onscreen user interface without the hassle of finding and changing discs.

The M Player can also copy m00 Blu-ray discs and CDs onto your Premiere system, and play directly from a physical disc.

First, you have to understand that this is describing only a sliver of what the Kaleidescape system is and does. Kaleiddscape From Big Pink. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. I remember reviewing the Kaleidescape Mini system and was surprised to find no manual included; once again this system kaleidesczpe without a manual too. Performance When you have a system like this connected to your home theater you change how you use your system. Kaleidescape has gone to a system-wide update plan so they add data for new releases periodically through updates to your system.

Kaleidescape outs M and M Blu-ray players, copiers

A drop down menu allows you to eject the disc from the vault, and depending on where the disc is in the tray will affect how quickly it ejects, but I found the M pretty speedy at finding and ejecting single discs. Ksleidescape Taraszka January 30, The Interface The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much more flexibility and performance. The M Disc Vault stores up to Blu-rays and they can be networked together to accommodate larger libraries.

Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables. In an interesting decision, Kaleidescape will require that the physical Blu-ray disc be present for playback from the server — which, you may be thinking, rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?