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Problems of measurement may arise in estimating afcounting degree of completion of a contract, the amortized cost or fair value of a receivable or the value of a nonmonetary asset received in an exchange transaction.

For example, an error in classifying equipment will be more important than if the misclassification was to the inventory account, compared to mis- classifying the same amount to land, because the former error would affect working capital ratios. It should further be noted editiln the revenue recognition principle provides the answer to when revenue should be recognized.

Or how do we define control when we are developing a definition of an asset? Elements of financial 8, 9, 21 5, 6 5 statements. The student is asked to indicate the objective of accounting, and to discuss how this statement might help to establish accounting standards.

In this case, the revenue amounts will not be jawabaj representations and volune will lack predictive value not relevant. There is no simple way of identifying a loss because ascertaining whether a cost should be a loss is often a matter of judgment. Amounts are removed from inventory based on the average value of the items of inventory removed. The accounting distinction between an asset, expense, loss, and prior period adjustment is not clear-cut.

Revenue recognition at this time is unwarranted because of the contingent nature of the revenue and the likelihood uknci overstating the assets. The allocation method used should appear reasonable to an unbiased observer and should be followed consistently from period to period. A cash basis is preferable when ifds earlier estimate of revenue is sufficiently accurate. International standards— 27, 28, 29 9, 10 comprehensive.

In this way, they can avoid the cost of providing information that is not demanded by its users. The phases of the conceptual framework project are: Objective of financial 2, 6 1, 2 3 reporting. CA Time 25—30 minutes Purpose—to provide the student with the opportunity to indicate and discuss different points at which revenues can be recognized.


But a loss is a measure of the service potential expired that is considered abnormal, unnecessary, unanticipated, and possibly nonrecur- ring and is usually not taken into direct consideration in planning the size of the revenue stream.

Moderate 20—25 E Full disclosure principle.

The Board believes that fair value measurement for financial assets and financial liabilities provides more relevant and understandable information than historical cost. For example, some believe that accountability should be the primary objective of financial reporting.

Conceptual framework— 1 intermsdiate, 2 general. Compa- rability is not a concern when comparing results for each company from one year to the next or when comparing Cadbury Nestle to other U. In providing information to users of financial statements, the Board relies on general-purpose financial statements.

Each crucial event is clearly discernible and is a time of interaction between the publisher and subscriber.

Applying the expense recognition principle will result in lower profits and possibly higher rates for consumers. Thus, if companies get protection from unwarranted lawsuits called a safe harborthen they might ,unci willing to provide potentially beneficial forward- looking information. Complex 20—25 E Accounting principles—comprehensive. In fact, introducing biased understatement of assets or overstatement of liabilities in one period frequently leads to overstating financial performance in later periods—a result that cannot be described as prudent.

At present, the accounting literature contains many terms that have peculiar and specific meanings.

The sale itself, therefore, does not give an accurate basis on which to estimate the jawabban of cash that will be collected. As a practical consideration, there must be a reasonable degree of certainty in measuring the amount of revenue recognized.

On the other hand, if the shell houses are to be sold at different prices, it may be preferable to allocate firs on the basis of the revenue contribution of the shell houses sold.

Intermediate Accounting Ifrs Edition Volume 2 Chapter 16

Specifically, Nokia makes price protection adjustments based on estimates of future price reductions and certain agreed customer inventories at the date of the price adjustment. To be reliable, the information in financial statements must be complete within the bounds of materiality and cost. Thus, the continuing controversy related to historical cost and fair value accounting suggests that this issue will be controversial.


Acceptance of this assumption provides credibility to the historical cost principle, which would be of limited usefulness if liquidation were assumed. Cash withdrawals are distributions to owners, not an element of income expenses or losses.

intermediate accounting ifrs edition volume 2 1st first

Some costs are immediately expensed because the costs have no discernible future benefits or the allocation among several accounting periods is not considered to serve any useful purpose. The relevant criteria for assessing materiality will depend upon the circumstances and the nature of the item and will vary greatly among companies. Recording the asset at the par value of the shares intermdiate no conceptual validity. However, that information may also be useful to other users of financial reporting who are not capital providers.

Financial statements prepared on the accrual basis inform users not only of past transactions involving the payment and receipt of cash but also of obligations to pay cash in iffs future and of resources that represent cash to be received in the future. That knowledge, if used with care, may also provide guidance in resolving new or emerging problems of financial accounting and reporting in the absence of applicable authoritative pronouncements. Moderate 25—35 CA Qualitative characteristics.

Companies include an expanded discussion of items like Refunds and loyalty schemes because the preparation of financial statements requires estimates and assumptions. Remember me on this computer. IASBNovember The accountant finds such evidence in the existence of a firm contract, from which the ultimate realization can be determined, and estimates of total cost which can be compared with cost incurred to estimate percentage-of-completion for revenue measurement purposes.