The School for Scandal is a play, a comedy, written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan . It was first performed in London at Drury Lane Theatre on 8 May La escuela del escándalo [Richard Brinsley Sheridan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Buenos Aires. 18 cm. p. Encuadernación en. Casting Obra “La Escuela del Escándalo” de Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Public. · Hosted by Juan Pablo Vela Niño and 4 others. Interested.

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Sir Peter is left alone and when Maria enters, he tries to convince her to marry Joseph expressing him as a worthier match than Charles, whom she favours.

“Richard Brinsley Sheridan”

The Rscuela for Scandal is, if not the most original, perhaps the most finished and escabdalo comedy which we have. That is in as fine a Train as your Ladyship could wish. Charles’s arrival is announced. The play did not appear in an authorised edition during Sheridan’s lifetime, though it was printed in Dublin in from a copy that the author had sent to his sister. Another criticism that has been made of the play involves the characterisation. Stanley, and ask each for his help. Sir Peter confides his intention to give his wife a generous separate maintenance during his life and the bulk of his fortune on his demise.

Here is the opening in that text:.

Sir Peter argues with his wife, Lady Escadnalo, refusing to be “ruined by [her] extravagance. They plot to use Snake as a witness to a supposed relationship between Charles and Lady Sneerwell, and she withdraws. Charles passes off his comments about Joseph and Lady Teazle as a joke. Charles insists on having a look at her and flings down the screen as Joseph returns, discovering Lady Teazle.

Maria herself then enters, fleeing the attentions of Sir Benjamin Backbite and his uncle Crabtree. Charles and his raucous guests drink heavily and sing merry songs, as they prepare for a night of gambling. Sir Peter tells Charles he now regrets his suspicions about him. Sir Oliver calls on his old friend Sir Peter.


Joseph, like Dfl, does not recognise his long-lost eel. Retrieved 26 October He asks if Charles has any valuables of his own to sell for immediate cash.

When she is not persuaded, he threatens her with “the authority of a guardian”.

The English critic William Hazlitt was particularly effusive in his praise of Sheridan’s comedies in general “everything in them tells ; there is no labour in vain” [15] and of this play in particular:.

Sir Oliver and Moses escanvalo, and Charles sends a hundred pounds of the proceeds for the relief of “Mr.

Casting Obra “La Escuela del Escándalo” de Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Furthermore, Joseph has lent a great deal to his brother, so that he has nothing left for “Stanley”. Another example of strictly verbal differences between the two texts escanfalo be found in II.

It may be significant that in Johann Zoffany ‘s portrait of Robert Baddeley as Moses, we find that “Under his arm Moses holds a rolled parchment of the Surface family tree that is used as an auction hammer, and he seems to be ticking off pictures in the catalogue”, although in the play Careless is the auctioneer in the relevant scene IV.

After Lady Teazle tells her that she Lady Teazle is withdrawing from the School for Scandal, Lady Sneerwell leaves in a rage, and Joseph follows, supposedly to keep her from further malicious attacks.

The School for Scandal – Wikipedia

Charles frankly asks “Premium” for credit, noting that Sir Oliver whom he believes is in India will soon leave him a fortune. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 2 November He departs, the others retire to the next room, and Joseph seizes the opportunity to court Maria, who rejects him again.


He stifles his anger, and departs amid further effusions. In its earliest stages, as detailed by Thomas MooreSheridan developed two separate play sketches, one initially entitled “The Slanderers” that began with Lady Sneerwell and Spatter equivalent to Snake in the final versionand the other involving the Teazles.

Here is the opening of the play as given in that text in which the editor has retained the original spelling and punctuation of Sheridan’s manuscript found at Frampton Court: Moses and “Premium” enter, and Sir Oliver is dismayed at the scene.

Sherixan example, the Penguin Classics edition gives a text based on the edition of The Works of the Late Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan published by Murray, Ridgeway, and Wilkie, but states that it shwridan “been emended from earlier manuscripts” and gives a detailed listing of these emendations. Snake asks why she is so involved in the affairs of Sir Peter Teazle, his ward Maria, and Charles and Joseph Surface, two young men under Sir Peter’s informal guardianship, and why she has not yielded to the attentions of Joseph, who is highly respectable.

Italics as in Rae; bracketed insertion is Project Gutenberg’s, not in Rae. He also complains that Maria has refused Joseph, whom he calls “a model for the young men of the age,” and seems attached to Charles, whom he denounces as a profligate. The New York Times. When Lady Sneerwell is announced, Joseph rushes out to stop her from coming up.

Charles is baffled, and Rowley then summons Snake.