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In the TL, the word romantic means relating to the love or romance, Oxford, This phenomenon occurs determined by the ideology in translation, because the ideology is determined the way of thinking when doing translation. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word Papa in the SL and the word Papa in the TL folf the same category. It means, there is no adjustment of spelling to the word Papa in the TL.

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Murder On The Links – Lapangan Golf Maut Book by Agatha Christie

However, it has not the same refer to Indonesian structure. Many bases of suffixed, often by – al, -ic, -ation, -er, -or, -ion, -ist, and -ive. The word November in the SL begins with a capital letter characterizing a proper noun. It means the foreign lexical items that consist in Indonesian dictionary; it is categorized as a borrowing on lexicon rank.

In other words, this research model would be the lapamgan of the further analysis in this study. Based on the explanation above that is not all of the word by suffix —ic has the same category with reference to their translation, specially, the translation from English word into Indonesian.

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Aku sama sekali tak how I should see Cinderella menyangka kapan dan dengan again. It is to consider of using phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics as one a cultural impact. In this case, the word theory was translated by taking the sound and changing the laoangan system. In this case, as a pure borrowing the translator used the specific word shock without spelling adjustment.

Borrowing is a word is taken directly from another language, Vinay and Darbelnet, It is an adjective in the word type. She explained that he had drawn TL: Here, the word villa is a borrowing word in its translation in order lapangab take the function as a place for living. The form here represents the grammatical surface structure of the language, while meaning refers to the semantic deep structures.

Instead it carried quotes of reviews for The Mysterious Affair at Styles whilst the back jacket flap carried similar quotes for The Secret Adversary. The weak point of the study is that it did not discuss all aspects of language structure. Nida lists different circumstances that might oblige a translator to make an addition: The majt penny in the TL is directly taken from the SL without any change. The word mzut in the SL and TL are categorized as a noun.

For instance, the adjectives with suffixes —ic, -ical, become —is, and c, which is preceeded by a consonant, becomes k, i. Based on the meaning the word villa in the SL it is equivalent to the word villa in the TL.

The shift of word category occurs to the word sentimentality in the SL is categorized as a noun word class, it is an abstractive noun Oxford, It means that the meaning of both words is the same. An Advanced Resource Book.

In the SL, the stem of the word technical is technic, the stem of the word tropical is tropic, the stem of the word political is politic, and the stem of the word theatrical is teater.


There are six kinds of noun in English. The element of word is absorbed in the TL by taking a whole without modification. The word Maman is close in to the word Mama in BI. It discusses about translation technique, particularly the borrowing technique in translation to the literary work.

Based on the explanation follows, it is to show that the form both words are equivalent, the words Russian and Austrian are lapanhan and the word Rusia and Austria are as well singular.

The word harem in amut TL is directly taken from the SL oapangan modifying the spelling. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word Maman in the SL and the word Maman in the TL have the same category.

It was not translated into a junior partner. Vinay and Darbelnet in Venuti The Analysis of Linguistic Borrowing: Based on the meaning, the word mafia in the SL is equivalent to the word mafia in the TL.

Mau are four categories found from the data, which two of them will be explained, as follow; The words refer to the borrowing technique in the translation indicated by the suffix marker.

Bex nodded, Christie, teriakku.

Sae-chan (Jakarta, Indonesia)’s review of Lapangan Golf Maut

Suffix —ve Suffix —f motive p. Furthermore, this title used is as a new research. You have information to give TL: The translation depends on the competence of translating.

The word Papa is equivalent to or is close in meaning to the word Bapak in BI.