Leipzig Connection has 58 ratings and 9 reviews. Camille said: Really interesting book about the merger of psychology and education. However, a caveat. W. Featured image from here. *Please also see this companion post about the original printing.. I don’t know exactly when Paolo Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. by Paolo Lionni Reviewed by Earle Fox. Lionni’s book ( paperback, 89 pp.) fills a gap in the history of the destruction of.

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Leipzig Connection (Basics in Education)

Liberty Bell Press, Kovach, Historical Introduction to Modern Psychology, 6th ed. Infinite rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Many of their followers were no doubt “true believers”, but the leadership at the top had to know that they were betraying the people and the Constitution. Example — Larouche pushing abortion or else like the church of scientology. Gates, the Baptist minister: You are commenting using your Facebook account. You can sort of get an idea by looking at her sister Donetta below left.

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Major universities had been established early in the country’s history, and yearly graduated intensely liter- Molding Hands 51 ate and well-educated people who were to be the leaders of our nation. A Biography of Edward L.

The mind is the connection- system of connecton and learning is the process of connecting. Consequently the elementary school has a second function, namely 2 to determine as accurately as possible the native intellectual capacities, the physical, emotional, temperamental, recreational, aesthetic, and other aptitudes of children. Since some pupils will find it necessary or advisable to enter a vocation in the middle teens, a third function is essential in connectioon degree, namely, 3 to explore the vocational interests and aptitudes of pupils and to provide some measure of vocational adjustment for those who will leave school at the earliest legal age.

Round Numbers The first contact between the two forces occurred during the height of anti-Rockefeller publicity in He set himself the task of learning how to maximize the results of these impingements upon our “selves”. Then he purchased from Alexander Graham Bell the weekly publication Science, which later became the official journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Even to-day, so great have been his influence and prestige, the term “experimental psychology” to many still has as its first connotation the kind of A New Domain 7 psychology which was taught in Wundt’s laboratory or which Lkonni recognized and approved. Flexner replied that he would give it to Johns Hopkins.


I trembled as I witnessed the unreasoning popular resentment at Mr.

They know that in a freemarket education system, such idiocy would not survive. He extrapolated “laws” from his research into animal behavior which he then applied to the training of teachers, who took what they had learned to every corner of the United States and ran their classrooms, curricula, and schools on the basis of this new “educational” psychology.

As he put it: David Bricquet rated it liked it May 18, Loiola rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Finally when they left Leipzig and worked in laboratories of their own — chiefly in American or German universities — most of them retained enough of the Leipzig impress to teach a psychology that, whatever the sub- sequent development of the individual’s thought, bore traces of the system which was recognized at Leipzig as orthodox.


How did the mainstream of experimental psychology meet up with a mainstream of millions of dollars? Within half a century juvenile delinquency would run rampant, illiterates would pour out of the schools, teachers would no longer learn how to teach, and generation after generation of adults, themselves cheated out of the fruits of a good education, would despair of any solution to the morass of “modern” education.

Although a strongly flattering “official” history of Teachers College, this book is nonetheless a storehouse of data pertinent to the invasion of psychology into American education. The Wundtian redefinition of “education” to mean feeding experiential data to a young brain and nervous system, rather than the teaching of mental skills, led to the abdication of the traditional role Townsend, A History of Teachers College, Columbia University New York: The gifts are hedged about by restrictions and conditions, with the education board to name them and to see that they are complied with.

That same year, after a decade in Chicago experimenting with children, John Dewey joined the faculty of Columbia University as a member of the departments of philosophy and education, in a unique position to influence advanced students in Teachers College.

His personality was not sufficiently picturesque to make him stand out on that account; and his work shows no single, brilliant contribution to knowledge that can be readily circumscribed and labeled with a 6.

And so a few survive who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

The Leipzig Connection by Paolo Lionni

Rockefeller and other corrupted money was able to buy out politicians as well as educators. Featured image from here. It makes the information about Lionni and the sculpture he created and which the family and friends recently donated to the Eric Carle Museum more interesting. Sep 03, Vinicius rated it really liked it. He concluded that some students just won’t make it, and that it’s better to determine through educational testing who they will be, early enough so that they can be shunted into useful vocational training.


What they omit is that Wundt was the founder of experimental psychology and the force behind its dissemination throughout ,eipzig western world. Lionni is an connedtion writer, and does a clear, crisp job of explaining this bit of history from connectino Liepzig school of psychology, its importation to America, and the connecting with the Rockefeller fortune which set Wundt’s ideas on the road to controlling American education.

Education being a social process, the school is liojni that form of community life in which all those agencies are concentrated that will be most effective in bringing the child to share in the inherited resources of the race, and to use his own xonnection for social ends. By the late ‘s, the church elders felt bold enough to ask Rockefeller to contribute to the rebuilding of the University of Chicago, a Baptist school founded 4.

The school is primarily a social institution. In late he was invited to join the faculty of the Rockefeller-endowed University of Chicago as head of the departments of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy teaching.

Other characters in the story include conenction Germanic predecessors and contemporaries of Wundt-ian psychology: Beforethe way to identify a good teacher was to determine that his students, at the end of their studies, knew a subject.

Wundt produced the first generation of Wundtian teachers who founded “modern” departments of psychology all over the Western world, especially in America, aimed at submerging the student into the social organism. She was an ethereal-looking woman, with very white-blonde hair but oddly coarse? Wundt noticed that reactions began with stimulation, followed by 1 perception, in which the experience exists within the individual; 2 “apperception,” in which the body or so he thought identifies the stimulus and combines it with other stimuli, and 3 an act of will which results in 4 a reaction to the stimulus.

He then spent a short period of time in Germany, where he met Wundt and saw his laboratory. liojni

Education, on his view, was the subjecting the student to the proper “experiences” by which to form his identity and behavior. New American Library,