Lexmark C manual: CHAPTER 3: Printer Job Language. Lexmark c User Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Service manual for the lexmark C C series. by lftrev in Types > Instruction manuals and service manual lexmark c c service guide repair guide.

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Clearing Image Transfer Unit Jams Clearing image transfer unit jams Open the front access door and the left access door. Page When a user prints a document, information describing the type and color of each object in the document is sent to the printer.

Solving Printing Problems Verify that you have properly configured the printer for network printing. While instances can occur in which the printer cannot exactly reproduce the desired color, users should be able to identify adequate color matches for the majority of cases.

Refer to the Setup Guide for cable specifications. Page 87 — Install additional printer memory. Insert the image transfer unit back into the printer.

Insert the specified tray completely into the printer. Link Links two or more bins together as though they were one large bin.

Clearing image transfer unit jams Open the front access door and the left access door. This means that when one tray is empty, it feeds from the next linked tray. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.


Menu Item Purpose Configure To determine when the printer selects paper loaded in the multipurpose feeder. Size can vary from Page Look inside the printer. Repeat Print Repeat Print If you send a Repeat Print job, the printer prints all requested copies of the job and stores the job in memory so you can print additional copies later. Access Doors And Trays Access doors and trays The following illustrations show areas where jams can occur.


Japanese Vcci Notice Note: Press Select to print the selected to open the Job Menu. Loading the sheet tray Lexxmark these instructions to load a sheet tray. Printing A Menu Settings Page Once you have checked each of these possibilities, turn the printer off and back on.

Overfilling the tray may cause paper jams. PIN from the printer operator panel and choose to print or delete the job. Any sources containing the same type and size of paper are automatically linked by the printer if you have set the Paper Size and the Paper Type to the correct values.

Arrange the stack of paper or specialty media correctly for the size, type, and print method you are using. Disconnect all cables from the back of the printer. Page 86 Message What this message means 37 Insufficient The printer memory or hard disk, if installed does not have the free space Collation Area necessary to collate the print job.

Release the latches manul open the multipurpose feeder area A all the way.


We recommend Lexmark part number 10 ft or 20 ft for the standard parallel port. Hard disks are easily damaged by static electricity. Use the drivers CD that shipped with your printer to install the custom printer driver and obtain all the enhanced printer ldxmark and functionality.

Lexmark C762 Range User Manual

Page 26 If you are loading a different type of media than was previously loaded in the tray, change the Paper Type setting for that tray on the operator panel. Page 3 Determining the status of supplies Print Buffer is only available when you enter the Job Menu while Waiting is displayed. The printer supports the following standard print media sizes. More About Installing Drivers Installing a custom driver will not replace the system driver.

Lexmark Range C User Guide |

Menu Item Purpose Paper To identify the texture of the paper loaded in a specific source and to ensure that characters print clearly. The useful information in helping to solve this lemxark type of color matching problem. Lexmark is proud to be a participant in this program. Slide the latches out, and then pull up to refasten them.