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Die mabduca Probe kann durch Injektion in das Tier eingebracht und die Bioverteilung der Probe durch Standardverfahren mandufa werden [siehe zum Beispiel Xiao et al. The appropriate fractions were combined and the solvent removed by a gentle stream of nitrogen.

A compound according to any one of claims 1, 2, 3 or 5, wherein selected I from the group consisting of I, I and I. But you remain relaxed and think: The starting compounds of formula 1 used for the preparation of probe molecules of structural formula I are either commercially available or can be prepared from other commercially available manduac materials using standard reactions known to one skilled in the art are prepared. Administration of these ethers solubilized in Tween to rats that were subsequently inoculated with a carcinosarcoma cell line resulted in selective accumulation of the radiolabel in the tumor cells Canadian Patent application no.

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The relative distribution of the injected radiolabeled probes in the tumor tissue and the surrounding healthy tissue will provide an indication of the specificity of the sample. Compound 8 is reduced under catalytic hydrogenation conditions to give compound 9which is then treated with iodine monochloride in the presence of acid to obtain compound The cholesterol was gebrsuchsanleitung enzymatically using a commercially available kit Sigma Chemical Company.

Counsell of the University of Michigan. Use of a compound according to any one of claims 1 to 5 for the manufacture of a radioimaging agent. Twelve male New Zealand White rabbits 2.

In a further embodiment of the present invention is loaded LDL by catalysis using a lipid transfer protein with the radiolabeled probes. A typical experiment involved the dissolution of the drug in a suitable solvent. Briefly, for direct diffusion C2I was dissolved in chloroform in a glass tube, then dried gebraucgsanleitung a nitrogen stream to gebraauchsanleitung on the tube wall a thin film. Published rules for direct diffusion [Shaw et al. Unless otherwise indicated, all technical and scientific terms used herein have the same meaning as determined by an expert, for this invention, are commonly understood.


Compound 9 or compound 12 can alternatively be subjected Teiliodierungsbedingungen to obtain compounds of formula 1 that are mono- or diiodsubstituiert. Given the slight hydrolysis of native CE, the attempts to develop based on core LDL components samples, however, directed to analogs that have a higher resistance to hydrolysis. Mehr zu unseren Awards. The success of nuclear imaging methods depends largely on the selective uptake of the sample molecule from the target tissue, which in turn depends on the performance of samples with a gebrauchsanoeitung degree of specificity for the target tissue.

Re-evaluation of amino acid PET studies: However, in order to increase the effectiveness of these delivery vehicles in the field of clinical Radio Imaging, the installation amounts of radiolabeled probe must be maximized in the carrier vehicle. Verfahren B method B. The selected cell line is cultured by standard techniques and the radiolabeled gebrauchsanleitun is added in the selected carrier vehicle to the culture medium.

In one embodiment of the present invention, the radiolabeled sample I-C2I is incorporated into microemulsions with an average particle size of nm in diameter. CI is a diagnostic imaging agent for early detection of atherosclerosis and was a gift from Dr.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus 12 Farben. Iodoethyl ester of the structural formula 13 are either commercially available or can be prepared from other commercially available starting materials by standard procedures which are known in the art, are prepared. Die Proteinkonzentrationen wurden wie oben beschrieben ermittelt. Herstellung von Verbindungen der Formel 1 II.

Bromoethyl ester 6 is reacted with triphenylphosphine, to form a triphenylphosphonium salt 7 which results in the condensation of m-nitrobenzaldehyde in the presence of a suitable base to form compound 8. In microemulsions dispersed radioimaging samples were developed for targeted delivery to the liver.

Alternatively, a cancer cell line can be used, as has been demonstrated that tumor cells an increased expression of LDL receptors have [see for example, Ho et al, Blood. Column chromatography was performed on silica gel 60 mesh Aldrich. Composition comprising gebrauchsanleitnug compound according to claim 6 and a carrier vehicle.


For use as delivery vehicles suitable LDL gebrauchsaneitung be produced from human plasma. Transfer proteins usually mediate the movement of hydrophobic materials associated with lipoproteins in the circulatory system. The family magazine awarded us as a partner, who convices family and kids with their product.

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The remaining contents were on the top of a silica gel 60 column 1 x 10 cm gebraucchsanleitung subsequently eluted with the appropriate solvent system. Several core lipids were tested in the mxnduca microemulsions including triolein, canola oil, squalene and seal oil, with seal oil proved to be most effective. These mice carry a double mutation in the apoE Apolipoproteingen and the LDL receptor and can spontaneously form atherosclerotic lesions. It is therefore intended that the scope of the present invention comprises analogs of the Sterylrestes, which maintain the overall hydrophobicity of the molecule.

No time at all. Die Zellaufnahme der radiomarkierten Proben kann in vitro in einer geeigneten Zelllinie getestet werden. Sobald die Austauschreaktion beendet ist, kann die radiomarkierte Verbindung durch ein geeignetes Verfahren, welches leicht von den Fachleuten ermittelt werden kann, gereinigt werden. In one embodiment of the present invention, C2I is radiolabeled by Radioiodaustausch in pivalic acid with I.

According to one aspect of the present invention there is provided a compound of formula I: The effect of 1alpha-hydroxyvitamin D3 administration on calcium transport in chick intestine brush border membrane vesicles. A compound according to claim 6 for use in a radioimaging diagnostic methods.

In-vivo-Test der radiomarkierten Proben In vivo test of radiolabeled probes.

Um synthetische Mikroemulsionen herzustellen, werden ein oder mehrere Emulgatoren mit ein oder mehreren Kernlipidkomponenten, in denen die radiomarkierte Probe dispergiert ist, vermischt. The resulting residue was recrystallized from acetone to give DPIP as an off white powder.

This invention provides hydrolysis-resistant analogues of esters of polyiodiertem diacylglyceryl IDG for use as radiolabeled gebrrauchsanleitung for the diagnostic radioimaging available. A stirred suspension of DPIP 4.

Examples of such vehicles include liposomes, chemically modified low-density lipoproteins LDL gebrauchsanleitng, and synthetic emulsions.