I work on my practice daily, I work on my skills, ideas but foremost in my mind is to constantly refine my technique and process.

Creating concentric circles is what fascinates me most about wheel work. Throwing a centred form, feeling the clay slide through my fingers, evens my breathe. When hand, clay and wheel work as one, I find it mesmerising and all consuming.

I have chosen to work in both porcelain and stoneware, their raw surface, not hidden by glaze allows for a greater surface dialogue. The slips works both in opaque and translucent layers, making the stoneware reveal itself slowly.

The fragility and strength of porcelain adds light to the warmth of stoneware.

The evolution of my arts practice is the pinnacle of what I do….I’m grateful for achieving ‘end points’….work that reflects the level of technical skill and concept I’ve obtained at a certain time….but I constantly looking to go to a greater height. For me, the play it paramount.

During my  undergraduate training, I focused on hand carving porcelaineous stoneware, in the Chinese tradition. I developed a range of celadon glazes and learnt to fire in reduction.

I hope to return to aspects of this knowledge in the coming months, using a work

Published  in 1997 Graduate Edition of  ‘Pottery in Australia’ June/July issue.

as a starting point.

You can see the evolution of my practice on both Pinterest.





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